Flight of Fancy

"Flight of Fancy"

Continuing on with photos I took in Asheville’s Riverside Cemetery, this is one of the most fun engravings I’ve seen on a gravestone. Though I usually find older graves more interesting than contemporary ones, I love the bold, graphic design … Continue reading

Desecration #2

"Desecration #2"

Continuing on from yesterday, “Desecration #2″ shows the second vandalized statue I photographed at Riverside Cemetery in Asheville. This one strikes me as more obscene than the first, I suppose because it’s a little girl. If they were real people, the monk … Continue reading

Desecration #1

"Desecration #1"

I’ve decided that it’s high time I started posting more of my photography to my blog, so this week I’m traveling back in time to last January. This week’s photos were all taken in the historic Riverside Cemetery in Asheville, … Continue reading