False Garlic Flowers

Photograph of False garlic (Nothoscordum bivalve) blooming in Tallahassee, Florida. Also known as Crow Poision.

“False Garlic Flowers”

These pretty, little flowers sprung up in our back yard last spring. After quite a bit of digging to figure out what they are, I believe they’re False garlic flowers. False garlic (Nothoscordum bivalve), also known as Crow Poison, is alleged to be toxic, though the evidence seems skimpy. Originally, it was considered a member of the Lily family (Liliaceae). Now it’s sometimes grouped in the Amaryllidaceae family, which includes both Amaryllis and such delectables as leeks, garlic, and shallot. False garlic’s native range covers the Southeast and Midwest United States.

© 2015 Karen Joslin

Rabbit on Trail

Photo of a wild rabbit pausing at the edge of a grassy trail through the woods.

“Rabbit on Trail”

One of the things I love about Tallahassee is the variety of wildlife in the area, even in my own back yard. What I hardly ever see anywhere around here, though, is rabbits. I know there must be plenty of them, they’re just secretive. So it was a treat to see this one bound across the path through the woods at Birdsong Nature Center. He (or she) paused long enough for me to get this photo.

By the way, Birdsong Nature Center is about 40 minutes up the road near Thomasville, Georgia. If you’re in the area and haven’t been, I highly recommend visiting. Wear good walking shoes and bring a pair of binoculars.

© 2015 Karen Joslin

Redbud in Bloom

Photo of an Eastern Redbud in bloom

“Redbud in Bloom”

Although spring officially only began last Saturday, here in north Florida it started a few weeks ago. One of the earliest spring bloomers here is the Eastern Redbud (Cersis canadensis), my favorite native tree. An Eastern Redbud all decked out in pink flowers is truly spectacular to behold. Up close, the blossoms look like tiny orchids or irises, as you can see in this photo I took in a neighborhood park. Spanish moss seems to like the redbud, too.

I only wish redbuds bloomed longer. Ours were in full glory just two weeks ago, and all the blossoms have been replaced by new leaves already.

© 2015 Karen Joslin

Flower Fairy

Photograph of a statue of a flower fairy sitting on a stone in the grass of Isle of Rest cemetery in Carrabelle, Florida.

“Flower Fairy”

Although I haven’t come across any leprechauns to photograph, spring is also time for the fae. I found this lovely flower fairy sitting in the grass at Isle of Rest Cemetery in Carrabelle, Florida. Rather than belonging to a particular grave, she sat in the midst of it all – a soothing, serene companion to all the departed.

© 2015 Karen Joslin