3 Ways to Colorize Photographs Selectively Using Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2

Screen shot of Silver Efex Pro 2.0's opening interface

Hands down, my favorite Photoshop plug-in is Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2. With SEP 2, photographers can create amazing black-and-white images quickly, including vignettes, borders, and toning. This works wonderfully for me, since I prefer many of my images in … Continue reading

An Open Heart for Valentine’s Day


A roadside "Open" sign with a large heart painted on it. Black and white photograph, taken on highway 98 in Carrabelle, FL.

“Open Heart,” © Karen Joslin, 2011

Late last March, I was driving from Tallahassee to Apalachicola to attend an art festival when a sign along highway 98 caught my attention. Set near a funky shop, it consisted of a simple wooden A-frame with two things tacked onto it: a painted heart and a canvas reading “OPEN.” Although its purpose was to entice visitors inside the store, I was struck by the sign’s metaphorical meaning.

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Favorite New Yummy Snacks

One thing I haven’t written about yet on my blog is food, which is a little odd because I LOVE food. My Grandpa used to tell me a story about the time when I was two or three years old and wandered off during an open house at my brother’s elementary school. Naturally, they found me at the snack table, happily chowing down. (Probably on something sweet, like cookies or brownies.)

So it’s about time I share the love. In the past couple of months, I’ve discovered three treats that make my taste buds do the happy dance.

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Configuring Your Domain in Namecheap and PhotoShelter

Sooooo… I wrote this post way back in November and thought I had scheduled it to be published the following day. Got busy with the holidays, a new romance, post-holiday catch-ups, etc. And now that I’ve come back to tend my neglected blog, I find that it never got posted! Arrgh! My apologies to anyone who was anxiously awaiting this. Here it is:

I’m happy to report that a few days after my last blog post, I finally got everything working correctly with my website. So, as promised, here’s how to set up your domain in Namecheap to link to an external site.

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