View From Mt. Hood

Mountains in Oregon's Cascades Range stretch out to the horizon, as viewed from Mt. Hood.

“View From Mt. Hood”

Wrapping up the series of photos from our Oregon trip two years ago, here’s a view of the Cascade Mountains from Mt. Hood. The sky’s haziness made the color version a bit dull for my taste. If you’ve been following my last few posts, you probably know what’s coming next – yep, I kicked it up a notch with the wet plate effect in Analog Efex Pro. In fact, I think this image may have been the first one I tried out in that program. And now I’m in love with both!

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© 2015 Karen Joslin

Crater Lake Shoreline

Clouds reflect in Crater Lake's vivid blue waters, which lap a pine-dotted shore. The water's incredible purity is why it look so blue.

“Crater Lake Shoreline”

Following our visit to Ashland, we drove up to Crater Lake National Park. Crater Lake is the kind of place you have to see to believe. The water owes its incredible blue color and clarity to its purity and chemical composition. As you may have guessed from its name, Crater Lake formed from a major geologic event – a volcanic explosion about 7,700 years ago. After the eruption, the mountain collapsed in on itself, creating the caldera now known as Crater Lake.

© 2015 Karen Joslin

Bench With Grape Arbor

Photo of a rustic bench sitting in a peaceful setting, shaded by a grape arbor and surrounded by herbs.

“Bench With Grape Arbor”

Continuing on with images from our Oregon trip two years ago, after a brief stay in Portland we continued on to Ashland to visit a friend. We stayed in a lovely b&b, Shrew’s House, that had several pretty garden areas. (If you ever go to Ashland, I highly recommend staying there.)

This bench covered in a grape arbor sat behind our room. I love the rustic construction of the bench. The profusion of plants surrounding it give it the feel of a sweet little hideaway.

Like the Rocky Mountain goat image, I also used a wet plate effect in Analog Efex Pro on this one.

© 2015 Karen Joslin

Rocky Mountain Goat

A Rocky Mountain Goat stands on a rocky outcropping in Oregon.

“Rocky Mountain Goat”

I’ve had vacations on the brain lately because I’ve been planning an upcoming trip to Seattle and San Juan Island. So my next couple of posts will feature photos from a trip to Oregon almost two years ago.

I photographed this majestic Rocky Mountain goat at the Portland Zoo at the beginning of our trip. As this was in July, that “snow” is very fake!

I used Analog Efex Pro to give this image the look of a wet plate photo.

© 2015 Karen Joslin